Natural Sun Screens That are Oh-So-Good For Your Skin.

The sun is shining, the weather is sweet (apart from the odd random downpour), which means this is no time to forget your sun screen. However, before you reach for your routine bottle, take a gander at these natural and rehydrating sun screens – they are in fact, incredible for your skin.

1.MDSolar Sciences Mineral Crème, $30, Sephora




MDSolar Sciences Mineral sunscreen has an SPF50, and is brimming with superior benefits for your skin, particularly if you you suffer from acne or rosacea-prone skin.  MDSolar Sciences sunscreen will target and treat these concerns in a jiffy, thwarting them from any attempts at making a return visit to your face. As a mineral crème it boasts an array of nutrients for your skin and will keep you beautiful as well as totally protected for several hours following each application.

2.Sunolgy Natural Sunblock Lotion, $15, Amazon  



This fabulous 100% natural, zinc-based formula guarantees super-protection for long periods of time. Sunology’s sunblock has an SPF50, and is so lightweight it is perfect for easily irritated or sensitive skin.

3.Andre Lorent Daily Rehydrating Sunscreen, £14.96, Amazon




In the warm weather, hydration is definitely key – so this richly hydrating product makes my top 5 list. Combining the incredible benefits of seaweed extract together with a tonne of anti-aging, hydrating, moisturising and nourishing vitamins, Andre Lorent’s sunscreen has to be one to buy. Not only is it exceptionally lightweight, but it also comes free of parabens and sulphates.  This product is an SPF30!

5.Sunday Riley Cashmere SPF30 Sun Defense, $125, 

Although this is on the pricey side, when you realise the benefits of using this product, you won’t ever want another sunscreen. Including shea butter and specially formulated minerals, the sun cream from heaven will even work to repair wrinkles, aid cell renewal and provide massively rejuvenating qualities!

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