Choose The Perfect Eyeshadow For You

Ladies, choose your eye shadow with care. Your eyes are the window to your soul and your choice of shadow can encapsulate your beauty or, choose wrong and it can portray you as an extra from Five Nights At Freddie’s!

We all recall an auntie or old school teacher with midnight blue cemented from the lash line up to the eyebrow (not a good look).

Whether you want to channel angelic goddess or ultimate sass, there is guaranteed to be a hue to fit.

1.Blue Eyes  

Introducing-My-New-Eyes-To-Mesmerise-Cream-Eyeshadow-Pots copy


Some may say that blue hue on blue eyes is a no-no – this couldn’t be more wrong. Choose a soft misty blue and your eyes will pop! If blue isn’t for you, opt for neutral soft tones such as champagne and pale pinks which will enhance your eye colour. Try to avoid darker or more abrasive colours as this distract from your own hue.

I’m in love with Charlotte Tilbury’s Eyes To Mesmerize, in Mary Antoinette, £22,

2.Brown Eyes  

mac_sku_MTR802_640x600_1 copy


Those of you with brown eyes will know that you really can’t go that wrong when it comes to eyeshadow – pretty much every shade suits!

For maximum effect a bronze, or bronze-gold shade will draw out your brown-eyed beauty. Try Mac Mineralize Eye Shadow Quad Bronze Assets, £18,

3.Grey Eyes  

Grey eyes suit smoky tones in similar shades to your eyes, that will emphasize their prettiness. Look for a hazy grey or a pale and soft blue. Try Dior’s Fairy Grey, £23.

4.Green Eyes

Should you have beautiful green eyes lean towards browns that range between beige to chestnut hues. Green eyes are usually brighter; therefore, it is better to avoid bright or luminous colours. Check out Sephora’s Colourful Duo Hot Brown Eye shadow, £14,

5.Hazel Eyes 

Screenshot 2017-07-09 10.22.32 copy



Hazel eyes encapsulate several tones including gold and green. Make sure you capture their multi-tonal and mystical essence by wearing soft bronzes, metallic shades or pastel tones. Steer clear of bolder and heavier shades as they will have the opposite effect. Check out Bobbi Brown’s Shimmer Wash Eyeshadow, £18,



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