Rid The World Of Microbeads

Many of you will now know of the insane number of microbeads that are found in our beauty products – especially body scrubs, exfoliators and toothpaste.

What Are Microbeads?Micro-Beads_(5344850282) copy

Credit: wikipedia.org

Microbeads are miniscule pieces of plastic, of which work tremendously well for certain beauty treatments. However, these microbeads cannot dissolve thus, destruction in our seas then ensues. The government recently announced its plan to permanently ban microbeads from both cleaning and cosmetic products.

What does this mean for us?

1000-5gyres_microbeads_infographic copy

Credit: animalsaustralia.org

Pollution on this level is a crazy price to pay for using said products. Globally renowned beauty expert Liz Earle suggests organic alternatives that our skin will love.

1.Caster Sugar Scrub For Face And Body

Simply mix together some caster sugar and olive oil to create an incredible facial scrub. Should you suffer from super sensitive skin, this gentle yet effective scrub is the perfect solution for use on the body, too.

2.Demerara For A Powerful Body Exfoliator

If you require a more powerful scrub, Liz Earle advises you look no further than your kitchen cupboard. Mix demerara sugar with oil to create a fantastic body scrub. Remember not to use this scrub on the face!

3.Oatmeal For Dry Skin (Facial)


Credit: wikipedia.org

Should dehydrated or dry skin be the bane of your life, opt for the oatmeal. Mix together with a little hot water (a la fat-free porridge recipe). This cheap, organic face pack achieves amazing results for those of you will problematic skin.

In order to check that your beauty products are microbead-free, look out for descriptions such as polypropylene PMMA.


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