Amazing Skincare Treatments Found In Your Fridge

It’s that time of the month again – no I don’t mean PMT – I’m referring to the painful part of the month when our cash has almost depleted and we have just under two weeks until pay day. Thoughts like ‘Did I really need that expensive dress’ begin to plague us.

The good news is, should you be yearning for a pampering facial, there’s no need to max out your credit card. Cosmetic surgeon, turned author Dr. Youn, created the expression ‘Fridge Facelift’, when he stated that injectables are not always necessary. He believes it is possible to achieve a plump, radiant and younger looking complexion from merely the contents of your fridge! Ladies and gents, stop staring at your empty purse in dismay and check out these fabulous skincare hacks:

1.Chemical Peel With Apple and Egg

Red_Apple copy

Credit: Wikipedia

We don’t need that over-priced chemical peel. Dr. Youn suggests a mixture of apple juice with egg whites. Apple juice contains the ingredient malic acid, a natural and highly effective exfoliator. The chemical peel will not only refine, rejuvenate and smooth the skin, but it also tightens unsightly pores. Hooray!

2.Avocado Mask 



Provide your complexion with an exceptional boost of vital nutrients with this simple yet immensely beneficial organic face mask. Avacado is packed with antioxidants that combat skin-damaging free radicals. Furthermore, this little gem of a fruit offers an array of nutrients to hydrate, repair and rejuvenate the skin. All you need to do is mash an avocado and apply.

3.Pepper Pout



Yes, this does sound a tad harsh, but its not quite in the same league as having a sharp needle piercing your lips in the name of beauty. To create that Angelina Jolie-esque pout, Dr. Moun advises sprinkling some Cayenne pepper on your lip-gloss, then applying it to your lips. Does it tingle? Apparently, this sensation is simply your lips letting you know the pepper magic is working. Tingling occurs when your circulation increases, bringing blood to the surface of the lips, and providing a plumping effect that beats Kylie Jenner’s Lip Plumping Kit and costs a hell of a lot less.

A word of warning – if the tingling becomes too much to bear, this is not normal and you may be allergic to the pepper. In such instance, wash off immediately.

Has anyone else tried these? Tell me what you think! #Greatskin

Happy pampering! xx



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