Autumn/Winter Key Beauty Trends You Will Love

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but autumn is almost upon us. However, it’s not all bad in the beauty department: here are some of the key beauty autumn/winter 17 beauty trends to keep you rocking a fabulously gorgeous look for the remainder of the year. Read on:

1.Over-The-Top Eyeliner


Credit: Giphy

Should you love the bold liner statement, this look will be right up your street. The fashion weeks presented us with an array of over-liner styles I can’t wait to try. Chloe showed us awe-inspiring sixties liner, Marni gave us kohl drawn straight onto the waterline, whilst Prada and Versace boasted models with a fabulous over-the-top sweeping black smudgy eye. there will be something for everyone come the ensuing darker Friday nights.

2.Minimalist Sophistication

By now, most of us will be well versed with attaining the natural yet luminous (with no effort) complexion. Hard to do after a crazy weekend, I know. Thanks to the likes of Lanvin we now can look forward to a little more obvious self-maintenance such as a hint of blush over glowing skin, beautifully curled eyelashes and well-groomed eyebrows. Hurray!

3.Soft Pink

Pretty blush pink has been creeping back onto the beauty scene, and it is here to stay as a key trend for A/W17. To achieve this naturally oh-so-pretty look, gently apply the same soft shade of blush to cheeks, eyes and lips. Perfect beauty!

4.‘My Fella Loves Me’ Lips


Credit: Giphy

Bold lipsticks will never go out of trend, but for autumn/winter the dark pout returns with a twist. Should you accidentally smudge your lipstick, a mirror and a good light is no longer an issue. The messier the better – just not so much you resemble a clown. Instead think, ‘I’ve just had an awesome kiss goodbye, look slightly smudged but am still sexy AF.’ However, the lipstick-stained tooth look is still a long way from the runway!


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