Are You Getting The Maximum Benefit From Your Skincare Products?

The endless stream of available skincare products makes the quest to stay beautiful a daunting task. Once you have decided on which products work best for you, confusion over the right order of application might just leave you feeling so confused, the daily beauty regimen should come with an optional college course. However, there’s no point in buying all of these gorgeous products if they aren’t giving you optimal results. Read on to ensure you are getting the most from your beauty products.

1.Cleanse, Cleanse, Cleanse Again


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First and foremost, you need to cleanse, and cleanse well. Ridding your skin of any dirt and impurities allows for a perfect blank canvas for a perfect picture.


I know some ladies who don’t bother with cleanser, but this is an absolute must if you are going to maximise the full potential from your products. Toning will remove any remaining dirt and traces of cleanser, as well as perfectly clear your pores.

3.Facial Essence

You may not have heard of facial essences but they are becoming big news for beauty obsessives everywhere. Originating from Korea, the facial essence is applied after toner in order to fully prepare your skin for delivery of your fave serum. Facial essences work incredibly well to balance, hydrate and prime your skin.



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Next its serum time. Serums are highly concentrated with specific ingredients which reach deep into the skin, thus offering optimal benefits.

5.Eye Cream

Before applying moisturiser, you need to add your chosen eye cream. Applying eye cream after moisturiser is about as helpful as a hairbrush without bristles and a total waste of money!



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Next on the list, moisturiser – possibly the most crucial product in your skincare regimen (unless you are a fan of wrinkles – and nobody is).


Whether your skin concern is dryness or the need for luminosity, this is the time to apply your oil. Add a few drops to the necessary area and swiftly move on to your next (and also vital) product on the list.



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Never underestimate the importance of using an SPF – the higher the better. Some may say you need only apply this in summer months – they are wrong. Whether it be rain, shine or snow – an SPF is as important as brushing your teeth.


Last but not least, it’s time to prime and shine (or not, depending on the look you are going for). Add your primer now and then you will be all set to reach in your bag and bring out the next stream of products – your makeup. Boys, you don’t know you’re born!


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