Is It Coronavirus Or A Bug? My Experience So Far


Hey Lovelies!

Right now, Coronavirus is sweeping across the globe. People are anxious and life is shitty. But there’s one thing we all have in common: We are not alone. Life may suck but everyone is in this together and we can take comfort in that.

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Knowledge is power. That is why I am sharing my experience of Coronavirus with you all.

8 days ago:

My 9-year-old son started to feel unwell. He has mild asthma. I thought he had a slight bug.

The symptoms were:

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Runny Nose

Sore Throat


Low-grade Fever

Constantly needed to clear his throat.

I did not believe it be Coronavirus as we live out in the sticks and as far as I was aware there were no cases at that point, in the near vicinity.

On Monday morning:

I called the school (as is required) describing his symptoms and even saying I believed it to be a bad cold or bug. They said he must remain at home for 7 days.

He has remained at home. The symptoms have stayed, other than the runny nose which has gone. I took him out to the beach with his scooter for some exercise/fresh air. He loves to do this but after half an hour he complained his stomach hurt and wanted to go home. Temperature that night was 37.2.

He is still clearing (or trying to clear his throat) every 5 minutes. I want him to be tested, but there are no tests available. I am not allowed to visit the surgery, there are no appointments and I am not allowed to ring 111 unless it is urgent. I have been on the NHS website, answered the short survey, to be told all we can do is isolate. I am concerned because I am unsure what this cough is, and not 100% convinced it is Coronavirus due to the length of time he has been suffering.


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I began to ache everywhere. This is common for me as I suffer from a type of Crohns colitis that affects me this way. I also have a headache (also normal), stabbing pains in my upper back (normal) and sore throat (not normal). I am currently on steroids so any illness will be masked. I worry because I have no idea of knowing – and meanwhile my nan who suffers from dementia is struggling without the routine of me visiting.

I worry that if I go there too soon, I may transmit the virus (she is 94 years-old).

I do not have a cough or a temperature, just a sore throat. Without a testing kit, I have to wait and see…

Meanwhile all I can do is keep an eye on my son in case his cough worsens.

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I heard that a woman in the U.S (my age) is recovering from Coronavirus. The symptoms she had was a low-grade fever, sore throat and headache. The cough didn’t begin for a further week and did not last.

Have you got any similar experiences? Leave me a message in the comments below. Stay Safe xx


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