10 Latest Tips On Protection Against Coronavirus

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Following research and conducting autopsies, several tips are coming through regarding protection against Coronavirus.

It has transpired that this virus causes mucus to build up in the throat, hardening and blocking the airways before moving to the lungs to progress to its more sinister plan. The problem is in trying to open the airways to allow medicine to pass through. There are certain tips we can apparently use to help ourselves.

 1.Drink Warm Water/Soup/Tea/Coffee

latest tips on protection against coronavirus
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This will keep the mucus flowing downwards towards the stomach, where it can be neutralised by gastric acids. Avoid cold and hot drinks.

2.Don’t Smoke

10 latest tips on protectiin agaist coronavirus
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This should be obvious.

3.Gargle With Antiseptic, Salt Or Vinegar

10 latest tips on protection against coronavirus
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By gargling with saltwater or vinegar you are aiding in the destruction of the virus in the back of the mouth and throat.

4.Keep Drinking Fluids

Frequently sip your warm drink to ensure the virus cannot stick. Try to do this every half hour.

5.Wash Hair And Clothes

10 latest tips on protection coronavirus
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The virus sticks to hair and clothes so these must be washed daily.

6.Metallic Surfaces

The virus can last on these for up to 9 days.

7.Uptake Zinc And Vitamin C

protection coronavirus
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8.Wash Hands Regularly.

gif of washing
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Try to wash your hands every 25 minutes.

9.On Feeling A Sore Throat, Act With Above Measures

The sore throat apparently lasts a few days before progressing. On the onset of experiencing this you should try to nip it in the bud with the above measures.


gif cleaning
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Clean with antibacterial products regularly.


5 Steps For Helping Your Child Deal With Coronavirus

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As Coronavirus sweeps the globe, it is vital we help our children deal with the pandemic. Trying to shield your child from the fear of the unknown is an impossible task. Hysteria from social media causes self-perpetuating panic and can frighten. Images that look like some horror movie to adults can only be terrifying to your child. Don’t let your child’s worries get out-of-hand. Here’s some advice and steps for helping your child deal with Coronavirus.

1.Science Videos

When it comes to younger children it is important to put their minds at rest but not over complicate things. By showing them age-appropriate science videos on germs, viruses and how to protect yourself, it will help to reassure them. A great one that explains Coronoavirus is by Dr. Michelle Dickinson, here.

Make sure you watch it first to ensure your child will find it educational and helpful.

 2.Science Experiments

5 steps for helping your child deal with coronavirus
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You can follow this up by doing fun science experiments. A good one on YouTube is demonstrating a bowl of water with some pepper in. The adult and child put a finger in the bowl which then gets covered in pepper. Next they both put some hand soap on that finger and place it back in the bowl. You can literally see the pepper disperse away. This is a great way to show how germs are quickly destroyed when you wash your hands and how effective hand soap/gels are. Check it out here.


5 steps for helping your children deal with coronavirus

Sit down and talk to your child. Find out what they know and then explain the situation honestly, but in a child-appropriate manner so they understand and are reassured. This should quell any added anxiety they may be feeling.

4.Demonstrate How To Wash Hands

5 steps for dealing with coronavirus - hand washing

Make this important process a fun one by choosing one of their favourite songs to sing to whilst they wash their hands. Show them how you wash your hands, singing along and then ask them if they can.

5.A Drawing

A good idea is to draw a small picture of a circle or heart on the back of their hands in the morning. Tell them by the end of the day the picture should be gone. If it is still there you will be able to assess how well, they are washing their hands.

Stay safe xx

Don’t Suffer From Rosacea Anymore: These Treatments Are Literal Game-Changers

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Rosacea is a common inflammatory skin condition – but one we do not need to suffer. The good news is it can be treated. When redness started to make an appearance on my face, I thought, “Oh joy, yet another fun problem to deal with.”  Thank God this one can actually be treated! However, many products that promise to diminish rosacea do very little to help. Read about the awesome treatments that are literal game-changers for your complexion.

1.Paula’s Choice 10% Azelaic Acid, £29.60,

dont suffer from rosacea these best treatments tackle rosacea
Tiger Room

Azelaic acid is one of the best treatments to deal with the bane of acne and rosacea – should you have both, this product is a must! Found in grains, this multitasking and antioxidant-rich ingredient works quickly to diminish acne, even skin tone, and tackle the pesky appearance of rosacea. Better yet, this formula combines skin-repairing adenosine and salicylic acid (BHA). These work in unison with azelaic acid to provide optimal anti-aging, rosacea destroying and skin soothing benefits. The lightweight moisturiser works like a dream. I have been applying this for several months and I am smitten! (The product is on offer at 20% off right now).

2.Paula’s Choice 1% Retinol With Peptides And Vitamin C, £12 Travel Size (5ml),


dont suffer from rosacea anymore - these treatments are agame-changer, retinol
Credit: The Tiger Room

Not only does this amazing product effectively treat rosacea, but combining proven ingredients means it gets to work on all those age-related skin issues too – with unbelievable results. Expect fewer lines, less noticeable pores, and significantly reduced age spots. I started using this in December and I can honestly say it has significantly improved my skin. Woo-hoo! Should you be new to the world of retinol, why not give the travel size a bash?

3.Brimonidine Gel (Mirvaso)

don't suffer from rosacea anymore - these treatments are a game changer
Credit: UK Meds

For this you need to consult a dermatologist. However, formulated specifically for rosacea sufferers, it is an incredible weapon in the battle against this irksome problem.

5.Intense Pulsed Light Therapy (IPL)

Should rosacea be particularly gruelling, you may want to consider IPL. Intense pulsed light therapy offers a fantastic long-term solution. The only catch being it’s bloody expensive!

Have you tried any of these treatments and what are your thoughts? Leave me a message in the comments below – and have a fab weekend peeps xx

The Do’s And Don’ts For Rosacea Sufferers

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Following my recent article discussing the best products to treat rosacea, I have compiled a list of the do’s and don’ts to keep in mind. There is no point buying incredible products and then splashing something onto your face that will destroy all the benefits. Here are some key points rosacea sufferers should keep in mind to ensure the annoying redness stays the HELL away!

1.Avoid Alcohol

do's and don'ts for rosacea sufferers - absolutely fabulous programme, alcohol
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Before you break into a cold sweat, I don’t mean that a few shots of Jameson’s on Friday night are off the table (phewsie). It is important to avoid alcohol-based skincare products, as this will further dry and irritate your skin.

2.Essential Oils Are A No-Go

rosacea sufferers - don't think about it gif
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Sadly, essential oils (which can be so beneficial for some) can further exacerbate the skin condition. Being a huge fan of essential oils and a fellow rosacea sufferer, this is particularly annoying for me (sigh).



do's and don'ts rosacea - lemon
Credit: WIkipedia

Unfortunately, this can also cause skin irritation and worsen the condition.

4.Hardcore Scrubs

rosacea do's and don'ts cookie monster gif
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We don’t want to anger the monster – and even though we want that facial scrub to deliver its youth-inspired promise, it won’t. Ditch the abrasive scrub in favour of a gentle exfoliant (BHA is best). In the same breath a face brush is a no-no, too.

5.Fragranced Skincare Products

They may smell divine, but your face is guaranteed to protest.

What You Can Do

Rosacea do's and don'ts - gif, lindsay lohan
Credit: Giphy

Antioxidants Please

Buy a lightweight moisturiser brimming with antioxidants (and retinol if your skin can tolerate it). Look for vitamin E to offer optimal repair as well.

Use An SPF

This should be a given regardless of a skin condition. When buying your SPF try to get one that is formulated with zinc oxide as it works incredibly well in reducing the problem.

Apply A Leave-On BHA Treatment

Try to apply this daily. BHAs work for a variety of skin issues, in particularly rosacea.

Careful Cleansing

When cleansing, opt for a really gentle one that is non-drying.

Take these steps and I promise you will be amazed at the degree rosacea is reduced. However, a little word of warning – once you have rosacea, if you don’t address it, the nasty skin complaint will spread.

Coronavirus: 8 Signs You Have More Than Just A Cold

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With Coronavirus Spreading across the globe with startling agility, it’s time we all sat up and take stock. Read on to discover the 9 signs you have more than just a bad cold. Although the majority of people will recover, some sections of society are helpless. The sooner you identify or eliminate this virus as the cause of your illness, the better.

1.It Lasts Longer Than a Couple of Days.

Most bugs or colds run their course quite quickly. Within 48 hours you should be seeing some improvement. Should you reach day 4 and feel just as wretched, it indicates the illness may be something else. Along with Coronavirus, you should consider known illnesses such as chest infections, flu, strep throat and mono. Seek advice by calling 111.

2.You Have Been Abroad

Coronavirus in china
Credit: Wiki

The chances of your symptoms signalling red flags are significantly higher if you have recently returned from abroad.


corona virus , 9 signs not just a cold
Credit: Wikipedia

High temperatures do not persist with a bug. Should you be suffering from a temperature of 100 degrees or higher for longer than 24 hours, seek immediate medical help.

4.Nasty Cough

Should your sore throat develop into a persistent cough, this is a big red flag. It may be a chest infection, or it could be the Coronavirus. Either way it is best to get checked. Do not go in to the Doctors; always ring for assistance.

5.Low-Grade Fever

Even a low-grade fever is a concern if it persists. Keep an eye on how long it is going on and act accordingly.

6.Difficulty Breathing/Wheezing

Coronavirus: 9 signs more than just a cold
Credit: Wikipedia

Shortness of breath, chest tightness and wheezing are all indicative of serious reactions to Coronavirus or a chest infection. Seek assistance if this happens.

7.Excessive Thirst

Coronavirus: 9 signs its more than a cold
Credit: Wikipedia

When Coronavirus takes hold, it can develop into pneumonia. The onset of this causes a person to feel excessively thirsty. Left untreated, it can cause rapid deterioration, sepsis and organ failure.


Whilst many cases of Coronavirus cause milder symptoms, some do not. We do not know enough about the virus. However, if it has got you by the short and curlies, you will feel like you’ve done 10 rounds with Tyson Fury. Basically, you will know it means business and that you need medical intervention.

I cannot stress enough that while people do not follow the hand washing guidelines, or seek help even if symptoms are mild, the virus will continue to spread like its backside is on fire. Vulnerable people will inevitably catch it and suffer. Let’s all do everything we can to shut down this monster whilst we still can. xx

Double Cleanse Your Way To Beautiful Skin

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2020 is here and so too are some key beauty trends worth taking seriously. K-beauty brands were on the mark when they introduced the double cleansing formula for beautiful skin. Is it worth the hype and time? In short, the answer is a big fat YES, should you want beautiful and radiant skin. Discover what is meant be double cleansing and why you seriously need it in your life!

Why Double-Cleanse?

double cleanse for beautiful skin a gif o jim carrey
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Korea got it right with their skincare routine and introduced the rest of the world to the advantages of double cleansing. Everyone jumped on the bandwagon, but their 10-step routine proved too much for us lazy people to keep up with (well, for me anyway). So, as with all good intentions, the double cleanse took a back seat.

However, the benefits of double cleansing can’t be ignored and as we begin 2020, we re-ignite our passion for a flawless complexion. Welcome back, the double cleanse. You see, we live a life of pollution, even when we don’t want to – it’s unavoidable. Come the end of the day, should we not thoroughly rid our skin of nasty bacteria and pollutants, the result will inevitably be bad. Cue prematurely aging skin and all the crap that goes with that. Prevention is better than the cure.

What Is Double-Cleansing?

double cleanse your way to beautiful skin: a gif of cleansing
Credit: Giphy

For those of you who are not in the know, double cleansing is not some ritual to banish evil spirits (not this type anyway). It involves applying balms, micellar water or oil to rid the skin of impurities; then, we follow the step with an extra cleanse. This will be a water-based product that can then be delivered into deeper layers of skin providing optimal results. Furthermore, once this is complete, your much-loved beauty ingredients can then be added, achieving maximum delivery and efficacy.

Read my next article on the best double-cleansing products for that much sought-after complexion. Double cleansing will quickly become as beneficial and necessary as brushing your teeth!

Is Someone Gaslighting You? Here’s How To Deal With Them

‘Gaslighting’ is the term used to describe when a person attempts to dismiss another’s concerns. This is done by trying to convince them, that they are either crazy or their perception is imaginary; thus, achieving enough self-doubt in their beliefs to stamp out the issue.

There are many reasons your partner may be trying to gaslight you – but they all come down to the same basic fact – they want to avoid detection. Check out the following gaslighting examples and how to effectively deal with them:


Gif of friends for gaslighting article
Credit: Giphy

The #1 reason for gaslighting. Have you ever been in a situation when things do not seem right, and explanations of certain behaviours or missing times do not fit? You don’t have solid evidence, but you know in your gut something is definitely up. When you approach your partner to voice your concerns, you are told you are crazy, and imagining everything. However, the niggling doubts do not leave.


We do not get these gut instincts without a reason. Granted, certain mental health disorders can cause a person to be unjustly paranoid and equally cause another person to behave in a way that may cause unfounded alarm bells to ring for another. However, if this is not the situation – then it’s time to listen to your instincts. Asking them clearly won’t achieve anything, so put your Sherlock hat on and do a little detective work to get the answers you deserve. Do not be gaslighted!


money gif for are you being gaslighted and how to deal with them article
Credit: Giphy

Money is definitely the root of all evil. People go crazy for it, behave in the worst manner ever to attain it or prevent other people having it– and a lack of it can create a host of arguments that really should never happen. If you feel you are being duped and when you enquire you receive a gaslighting response, think on. Always protect yourself. The best thing about this gaslighting is that it is very transparent. Although hurtful, once realised you can learn a lot about someone’s personality and how they should truly rate in your life. Take note and move on accordingly.


gossip gif for gaslighted article and how to deal with someone
Credit: Giphy

With the age of social media gossip has reached unprecedented levels. When it is about you (and worse still, when it is not true) it is the worst feeling in the world. Yet, even though we are aware of this, the market for general gossip is ever-growing. Go figure.

If you hear rumours are circulating about you, but have no clear evidence, try to be strong. Fake news or gossip grows like cancer in people’s brains and can destroy peoples’ lives. If you ask and you know you are being gaslighted, I would offer this advice: Do not search online for it will send you insane – and if you find something, it will eat away forever more. Instead raise your head high, live your best life and ignore anyone who tries to throw shade your way. You are amazing and these people are not worth a tear.

The problem is that with social media it isn’t hard to take someone down. Once you are discredited any protest you make is laughed off, and you are simply adding to their list of reasons for calling you crazy or a liar. Understand that the angrier you become, the more the gaslighting individual can grin and say, “See what she’s like?” The only thing to do is develop a thick skin and carry on (but with your wits about you).

Have you any gaslighting stories you can share? Share your thoughts below. Be strong people xx

5 Amazing Products That Significantly Diminish Dark Under-Eye Circles

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My recent article reveals key skincare ingredients that significantly diminish dark under-eye circles (read here). Although the issue cannot completely disappear, certain products will certainly help the matter. The following amazing products will provide a noticeable improvement to this common skin concern.

1.CeraVe Eye Repair Cream, £8.25 (14ml),

dark under-eye circle treatment, cerave
Credit: Look Fantastic

When it comes to the right ingredients, this emollient cream ticks all the boxes. Combining ceramides, hyaluronic acid and niacinamide, these components work as a super-effective team to ensure your eye area reaps the ultimate benefit. You will love the results this cost-effective cream can deliver. Hello again, beautiful eyes!

2.OLE HENRIKSEN Banana Bright Eye Cream, £30 (15ml),

OLehenriksen banana bright eye cream
Credit: Boots

On discovering the internet hysteria over this eye cream’s apparent hero capabilities, it became a matter of extreme emergency in trying it out. The fact that its formula includes a ‘secret pigment’ made my 9-year-old self, relish in the concept of magic once more.

We do know that the cream combines vitamin C; a component that is proven to thwart hyperpigmentation and encourage luminosity. As for the secret ingredient – I will hazard a guess that bananas may be at play here. But does it work? I will concur with the thousands of other satisfied customers. The sallow grey shades (that are as stubborn as the Jimi Hendrix painting on my old bedroom wall) is actually diminished. Expect to fall madly in love.

3.Trinny London BFF Eye Serum / Concealer, £26 ,

trinny london bff eye cream for dark circles
Credit: Trinny London

This has to be up there with the all-time greats. A concealer that blends so seamlessly it looks like your actual skin (without the discolouration), cleverly formulated with specific eye-circle correcting ingredients. Combining crucial components such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and a Duo-peptide Complex, the serum brightens, hydrates and rejuvenates the delicate under-eye area, unveiling a complexion that will have you jumping for joy.

4.The Drunk Elephant C-Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream, £54 (15ml),

drunk elephant c-tango multivitamin eye cream
Credit: Drunk Elephant

There is no messing about when it comes to this formula. Containing 5 different types of vitamin C (to ensure optimal delivery and efficacy) together with 8 peptides, your skin will receive the ultimate brightening, circulation boosting and de-puffing action around. Apply before you go to sleep and awaken feeling and actually looking refreshed!

5.The Ordinary Caffeine + EGCG, £6.99 (30ml),

the ordinary caffeine and egcg eye
Credit: Amazon

I cannot rate this brand highly enough. It literally gives us the exact ingredients to do the job – without the hefty price tag attached. This formula contains caffeine to constrict blood vessels and reduce swelling. Furthermore, the Korean-adored component, EGCG offers massive anti-inflammatory and antioxidant value needed to breathe life back into weathered skin cells and transform that consistently exhausted look into one of sheer radiance.

Have you tried any of these products and what are your thoughts? Leave me a message in the comments below and have a stellar Sunday people xx

Best Skincare Ingredients To Shake Off Dark Under-Eye Circles For Good

Hey Lovelies!

Do you wish you could tackle those irksome under eye dark circles for good? I feel your pain (as does the entire adult population, pretty much). Several factors cause the hyperpigmentation that lead to this pesky appearance. We can’t do much about aging or genetics, but there are certain components that will help. Luckily, there are several key skincare ingredients that will aid in thwarting off, the universally hated look. Read on:

Ingredients That Tackle Under Eye Circles Of Doom


Gif of caffeine (skincare ingredients)
Credit: Giphy

We are seeing caffeine in products everywhere. This feels a bit contradictory, as we are told that caffeine dehydrates the skin. When applied topically however, it works wonders in temporarily diminishing the look of dark circles. This is because caffeine improves circulation and reduces that unwanted puffy appearance.

2.Vitamin C

Gif of vitamin C  skincare ingredient under eye circle
Credit: Giphy

You are probably tired of hearing me bang on about the brilliance of this little beauty of a vitamin. Studies have proven this ingredient to not just work in protecting the skin, but also triggers collagen production. The result is a larger space between the dreaded veins and skin and a reduced appearance of darkness. Even better, the component will increase skin luminosity, lessening discolouration!

3.Ceramides And Tri-Peptides

gif about science for ingredients to shake off dark under eye circles
Credit: Giphy

Ceramides are fats that are found naturally, making up a part of the skin’s barrier. Their job is to protect and retain moisture. Ceramides are incredibly effective in anti-aging skincare due to an incredible ability of hydrating, whilst enhancing both collagen and elastin production. Likewise, studies have shown the use of tripeptides can help achieve a plumper complexion and strengthen the skin’s barrier. The result is your delicate under-eye skin is firmer, healthier and stronger. Take that you pesky circles!

4.Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid has received huge credibility for its hydrating and moisture retaining abilities – but also for its anti-aging capabilities. Hyaluronic acid plumps the skin leading to a firmer complexion. In turn, this minimises that dull and transparent ‘might be a secret vampire’ look.

5.Vitamin K

vitamin k part of skincare ingredients to treat under eye dark circles
Credit: Giphy

This little warrior of a vitamin greatly enhances tissue renewal whilst also being a fabulous antioxidant. When paired with caffeine or ceramides, this ingredient works like a boss in reducing the appearance of those dreaded under eye circles.


This fabulous ingredient is often overlooked. It shouldn’t be. Niacinamide provides skin-lightening properties, offering a noticeable improvement in the case of dark shadows.

When searching for eye creams that will actually treat those dark circles, look for products with these key ingredients.

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