Here’s How To Achieve The ‘Mochi Skin’ Look With Minimal Effort

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Wait a minute – what the HELL is ‘mochi skin’? Move over ‘cloud’ and ‘glass skin’ trends, for there’s another inspirational look in town and we all want it (according to the Instagram stats). Time to get on-board with ‘mochi skin’. Time is something everyone has at the moment, so immerse yourselves in some serious pampering.  Contrary to ‘glass skin’, this one is super-easy to achieve and maintain. Check out how to create the much sought-after ‘mochi’ complexion, with minimal effort:

What is ‘Mochi Skin’?

Based on the name of a Japanese ice cream, the J-beauty inspired ‘mochi’ complexion would basically denote an appearance of plump, soft and supple deliciousness.


Instead of harsh exfoliators, opt for gentle oil-based or vitamin-infused cleansers. The idea being, to effectively remove impurities without compromising on the health of your skin or its barrier. Furthermore, as with all things, you must put in some effort. Thinking one evening and morning of this process is enough would be wrong. Think of it like exercise – a ten-minute workout will not keep gravity at bay forever more (believe me, I’ve tried). This should be thought of as a long-term plan, if you want that Disney Princess skin to last longer than the lockdown! #Mochiskin, here we come!

1.Double Cleanse

oskia renaissance cleansing gel
Credit: Oskia Skincare

The double cleanse is something most of us overlook (mainly due to a lack of time). One perk of a lockdown is you can treat your skin to some double cleansing luxury. For optimal results, I am loving Nuxe’s Micellar Cleansing Oil, £15.50 (150ml), It contains rose petals, is non-drying and makes my heart sing! Next, one of my all-time faves – Oskia’s vitamin-rich Renaissance Cleansing Gel, £35 (100ml),

2.Hydrating Lotion

In order to achieve that plump complexion, we need an intense dose of hydration. Hence, a hydrating lotion should be one of your key products. Hydrating lotions should contain hyaluronic acid to provide intense hydration and locking it in. I love As I Am So Much Moisture Hydrating Lotion, £10.75 (375ml),


how to achieve mochi skin look minimal effort
Credit: Glossier

A lightweight serum will go a long way in achieving the much-loved ‘mochi skin’ look. Glossier’s Super Glow, £24 (30ml), contains vitamin C and magnesium that ensure your skin acquires an enviable glow. This is a particularly good serum for dehydrated or mature skin and will banish dark spots with unbelievable ease.


mochi skin trend, bioderma hydrabio creme
Credit: Amazon

Most people would be fine with either a moisturiser or a serum – however, should your complexion be especially parched, opt for both. A fantastic product is Bioderma’s Hydrabio Crème, £15, Hydrating, moisturising, nurturing and lightweight – this cream ticks all the right boxes.


achieve mochi skin look with minimal effort, skinceuticals sheer uv protect spf
Credit: Face The Future

Essential for any skincare routine, the final step is to apply a good SPF of at least 30+. I am totally smitten with SkinCeuticals Sheer Mineral UV Defense SPF 50, £31.95 (50ml),

Make the most of your lockdown situation and give yourself some well-deserved ‘mochi’ TLC.

Have you tried any of these products and what are your thoughts? Leave me a message in the comments below and have a lovely Wednesday people xx


10 Latest Tips On Protection Against Coronavirus

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Following research and conducting autopsies, several tips are coming through regarding protection against Coronavirus.

It has transpired that this virus causes mucus to build up in the throat, hardening and blocking the airways before moving to the lungs to progress to its more sinister plan. The problem is in trying to open the airways to allow medicine to pass through. There are certain tips we can apparently use to help ourselves.

 1.Drink Warm Water/Soup/Tea/Coffee

latest tips on protection against coronavirus
Credit: Giphy

This will keep the mucus flowing downwards towards the stomach, where it can be neutralised by gastric acids. Avoid cold and hot drinks.

2.Don’t Smoke

10 latest tips on protectiin agaist coronavirus
Credit: Giphy

This should be obvious.

3.Gargle With Antiseptic, Salt Or Vinegar

10 latest tips on protection against coronavirus
Credit: Giphy

By gargling with saltwater or vinegar you are aiding in the destruction of the virus in the back of the mouth and throat.

4.Keep Drinking Fluids

Frequently sip your warm drink to ensure the virus cannot stick. Try to do this every half hour.

5.Wash Hair And Clothes

10 latest tips on protection coronavirus
Credit: Giphy

The virus sticks to hair and clothes so these must be washed daily.

6.Metallic Surfaces

The virus can last on these for up to 9 days.

7.Uptake Zinc And Vitamin C

protection coronavirus
Credit: Giphy

8.Wash Hands Regularly.

gif of washing
Credit: Giphy

Try to wash your hands every 25 minutes.

9.On Feeling A Sore Throat, Act With Above Measures

The sore throat apparently lasts a few days before progressing. On the onset of experiencing this you should try to nip it in the bud with the above measures.


gif cleaning
Credit: Giphy

Clean with antibacterial products regularly.

Is It Coronavirus Or A Bug? My Experience So Far


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Right now, Coronavirus is sweeping across the globe. People are anxious and life is shitty. But there’s one thing we all have in common: We are not alone. Life may suck but everyone is in this together and we can take comfort in that.

is it coronavirus? gif
Credit: Giphy

Knowledge is power. That is why I am sharing my experience of Coronavirus with you all.

8 days ago:

My 9-year-old son started to feel unwell. He has mild asthma. I thought he had a slight bug.

The symptoms were:

is it coronavirus or a bug? gif jim carrey
Credit: Giphy

Runny Nose

Sore Throat


Low-grade Fever

Constantly needed to clear his throat.

I did not believe it be Coronavirus as we live out in the sticks and as far as I was aware there were no cases at that point, in the near vicinity.

On Monday morning:

I called the school (as is required) describing his symptoms and even saying I believed it to be a bad cold or bug. They said he must remain at home for 7 days.

He has remained at home. The symptoms have stayed, other than the runny nose which has gone. I took him out to the beach with his scooter for some exercise/fresh air. He loves to do this but after half an hour he complained his stomach hurt and wanted to go home. Temperature that night was 37.2.

He is still clearing (or trying to clear his throat) every 5 minutes. I want him to be tested, but there are no tests available. I am not allowed to visit the surgery, there are no appointments and I am not allowed to ring 111 unless it is urgent. I have been on the NHS website, answered the short survey, to be told all we can do is isolate. I am concerned because I am unsure what this cough is, and not 100% convinced it is Coronavirus due to the length of time he has been suffering.


gif of pigs, is it coronavirus or a bug
Credit: Giphy

I began to ache everywhere. This is common for me as I suffer from a type of Crohns colitis that affects me this way. I also have a headache (also normal), stabbing pains in my upper back (normal) and sore throat (not normal). I am currently on steroids so any illness will be masked. I worry because I have no idea of knowing – and meanwhile my nan who suffers from dementia is struggling without the routine of me visiting.

I worry that if I go there too soon, I may transmit the virus (she is 94 years-old).

I do not have a cough or a temperature, just a sore throat. Without a testing kit, I have to wait and see…

Meanwhile all I can do is keep an eye on my son in case his cough worsens.

is it coronavirus or a bug? gif of greg house
Credit: Giphy

I heard that a woman in the U.S (my age) is recovering from Coronavirus. The symptoms she had was a low-grade fever, sore throat and headache. The cough didn’t begin for a further week and did not last.

Have you got any similar experiences? Leave me a message in the comments below. Stay Safe xx

5 Steps For Helping Your Child Deal With Coronavirus

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As Coronavirus sweeps the globe, it is vital we help our children deal with the pandemic. Trying to shield your child from the fear of the unknown is an impossible task. Hysteria from social media causes self-perpetuating panic and can frighten. Images that look like some horror movie to adults can only be terrifying to your child. Don’t let your child’s worries get out-of-hand. Here’s some advice and steps for helping your child deal with Coronavirus.

1.Science Videos

When it comes to younger children it is important to put their minds at rest but not over complicate things. By showing them age-appropriate science videos on germs, viruses and how to protect yourself, it will help to reassure them. A great one that explains Coronoavirus is by Dr. Michelle Dickinson, here.

Make sure you watch it first to ensure your child will find it educational and helpful.

 2.Science Experiments

5 steps for helping your child deal with coronavirus
Credit: Giphy/Free Gifs/Science

You can follow this up by doing fun science experiments. A good one on YouTube is demonstrating a bowl of water with some pepper in. The adult and child put a finger in the bowl which then gets covered in pepper. Next they both put some hand soap on that finger and place it back in the bowl. You can literally see the pepper disperse away. This is a great way to show how germs are quickly destroyed when you wash your hands and how effective hand soap/gels are. Check it out here.


5 steps for helping your children deal with coronavirus

Sit down and talk to your child. Find out what they know and then explain the situation honestly, but in a child-appropriate manner so they understand and are reassured. This should quell any added anxiety they may be feeling.

4.Demonstrate How To Wash Hands

5 steps for dealing with coronavirus - hand washing

Make this important process a fun one by choosing one of their favourite songs to sing to whilst they wash their hands. Show them how you wash your hands, singing along and then ask them if they can.

5.A Drawing

A good idea is to draw a small picture of a circle or heart on the back of their hands in the morning. Tell them by the end of the day the picture should be gone. If it is still there you will be able to assess how well, they are washing their hands.

Stay safe xx

Best Vegan Beauty Mother’s Day Gifts In The World!

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Mother’s Day is just 2 weeks away. This year treat her to something thoughtful with one of these incredible vegan beauty gifts. Check out the best ones in the world!

1.The Calm Box Vegan Pamper Gift Set By Alice & Peg, £45,

best beauty vegan mothers day gifts in the world, vegan pamper gift
Credit: Not on The High Street

Inside this box is everything your mum needs to achieve the ultimate calming, nourishing and pampered day. These guys have literally thought of everything. Combining:

Calm Himalayan Bath Salts – Made in the UK (Corona-free), with 100% natural components and essential oils. Designed for optimal relaxation.

Soothe Calming Face Mask (30g) – Formulated with ingredients like French Pink Clay and rosehip, this mask is in a league of its own.

Bamboo Face Cloth – For the ultimate vegan experience

Unwind Organic Soap Bar – The natural bar combines French lavender buds, organic shea, coconut and olive oils for oh-so-gentle, yet highly effective cleansing and exfoliation.

Set Of 3 Natural Tea Lights – Made from natural plant wax and recycled glass. Destination – relaxation.

Set of 2 Calming Organic Teas – Seriously, every step covered!

2.ESPA Luxurious Encounter Body Oil Collection, £27 (15%Discount),

the best vegan beauty gifts in the world - espa luxurious body oils
Credit: John Lewis

Wow your mum this year with the ultimate vegan body oil collection, courtesy of world-renowned brand, ESPA. Featuring 6 of their prize, 100% natural essential oils, any frazzled mother will soon be feeling soothed and totally zen – whist their skin boasts rose-petal softness. Result! The travel-sized kit includes a potion that responds to your every mood. They should have renamed this fabulous collection  as ‘The Survival Kit.’

3.First Aid Beauty Triple Protection Skin Tint (SPF30) £28,

best mothers day vegan beauty gifts, first aid skin tint
Credit: Look Fantastic

I must say at first, I was a little dubious that the skin tint could suit many skin tones (available in 3 shades). But given its awesome anti-aging and protective properties, I was really hopeful this would go the extra mile. Not able to speak for everyone (obvs), but for me, the tint is spot-on.

Firstly, if your mum is worried about aging, then this is a must-buy item. Featuring 3 proven ingredients (goji berry, astaxanthin and vitamin C), the formula delivers jaw-dropping anti-aging, nourishing and protective benefits. Astaxanthin is one of the few components that has shown super-power abilities in thwarting the signs of that pesky age thing that nobody wants.This product is loaded with vital antioxidants – and with a natural looking finish that simultaneously covers flaws, it makes one awesome vegan Mother’s Day gift.

4.Neom Real Luxury Intensive Skin Treatment Candle, £40,

best mothers day beauty gifts
Credit: Neom Organics

Woah – wait a minute – when did beauty get even cooler? This has to be my most favourite of all. Boasting outstanding nourishing ingredients such as: sweet almond oil, baobab, jojoba, rapeseed and soybean oil. Your complexion can enjoy a huge array of vitamins and essential fatty acids – specifically designed to nurture and revamp dry and tired winter skin. Simply light the candle and relax to some soothing music. When the liquid pools, BLOW OUT (very important stage to remember, because ouch), then go ahead and pour the intensely hydrating and nourishing components over your skin. Massage into the skin and feel at one with the world.. Happy Mother’s Day!

Have you tried any of these and what do you think? Leave me a message in the comments below. xx

Coronavirus: 8 Signs You Have More Than Just A Cold

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With Coronavirus Spreading across the globe with startling agility, it’s time we all sat up and take stock. Read on to discover the 9 signs you have more than just a bad cold. Although the majority of people will recover, some sections of society are helpless. The sooner you identify or eliminate this virus as the cause of your illness, the better.

1.It Lasts Longer Than a Couple of Days.

Most bugs or colds run their course quite quickly. Within 48 hours you should be seeing some improvement. Should you reach day 4 and feel just as wretched, it indicates the illness may be something else. Along with Coronavirus, you should consider known illnesses such as chest infections, flu, strep throat and mono. Seek advice by calling 111.

2.You Have Been Abroad

Coronavirus in china
Credit: Wiki

The chances of your symptoms signalling red flags are significantly higher if you have recently returned from abroad.


corona virus , 9 signs not just a cold
Credit: Wikipedia

High temperatures do not persist with a bug. Should you be suffering from a temperature of 100 degrees or higher for longer than 24 hours, seek immediate medical help.

4.Nasty Cough

Should your sore throat develop into a persistent cough, this is a big red flag. It may be a chest infection, or it could be the Coronavirus. Either way it is best to get checked. Do not go in to the Doctors; always ring for assistance.

5.Low-Grade Fever

Even a low-grade fever is a concern if it persists. Keep an eye on how long it is going on and act accordingly.

6.Difficulty Breathing/Wheezing

Coronavirus: 9 signs more than just a cold
Credit: Wikipedia

Shortness of breath, chest tightness and wheezing are all indicative of serious reactions to Coronavirus or a chest infection. Seek assistance if this happens.

7.Excessive Thirst

Coronavirus: 9 signs its more than a cold
Credit: Wikipedia

When Coronavirus takes hold, it can develop into pneumonia. The onset of this causes a person to feel excessively thirsty. Left untreated, it can cause rapid deterioration, sepsis and organ failure.


Whilst many cases of Coronavirus cause milder symptoms, some do not. We do not know enough about the virus. However, if it has got you by the short and curlies, you will feel like you’ve done 10 rounds with Tyson Fury. Basically, you will know it means business and that you need medical intervention.

I cannot stress enough that while people do not follow the hand washing guidelines, or seek help even if symptoms are mild, the virus will continue to spread like its backside is on fire. Vulnerable people will inevitably catch it and suffer. Let’s all do everything we can to shut down this monster whilst we still can. xx

The Best Foundations For Every Skin Type

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Finding the right foundation for your skin type is a tricky business. Our skin needs change depending on the season. Furthermore, the necessary coverage is dependent on stress, the day after the night before and of course, time of the month.

How are we supposed to consistently get it right? Thankfully, there are some truly iconic beauty brands on our side. Once you discover a foundation that sticks to its promises (and your skin) it feels like you have achieved something truly special. Read on to discover the best foundations for every skin type.

1.Too Faced Born This Way, £23 (30ml),

best foundations for every skin type, too faced born this way
Credit: Look Fantastic

If you find yourself in a coverage void of despair, I urge you to give this foundation a go. You will not be disappointed. Currently being hailed on Instagram and by YouTubers alike for its unbelievable powers, this product actually feels and looks like a second skin, but better. Oil-free and available in 28 shades, you are guaranteed to find a hue to match. As for caking? Hell, what caking? The coconut oil and hyaluronic acid combined ensures that all you see are flawless selfie-ready results. This foundation is buildable and achieves medium to full coverage. #Awesomeskin!

2.Oxygenetix Oxygenating Breathable Foundation, £45,

best foundation every skin type, oxygenetix oxygenating foundation
Credit: Face The Future

I am seriously smitten with this foundation by Oxygenetix. This brand’s moisturiser and foundation are outstanding. Containing healing properties of Ceravitae, an advanced complex, it provides oxygen to damaged skin cells. In doing so, the skin cells begin their repair process, boosting collagen production and strengthening the skin. This product is perfect for people who have undergone cosmetic procedures or for those who suffer from acne and scarring.

Oxygenetix’s foundation is remarkable. It does everything it promises and more besides. The formula will not cause creases or amplify dry areas. Quite simply, when worn, this foundation looks like you just have incredible skin. It effectively hides flaws and redness whilst aiding skin healing. Available in 14 shades.

3.IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream, £33.95,

best foundation every skin, it cosmetics your skin but better cc cream
Credit: Amazon

For those of you who suffer from dry patches that never seem to just go, this is a must-have product to try. My dry patches are so constant I am seriously considering entering the Guinness book of Records for their literal staying power (see, 2020 I swore I would look for the positives).

Now I have tried this, I have a product to stand up to this bane of my life with its awesome crime fighting abilities. Achieving a luminous finish you will love, the CC cream’s coverage will banish evidence of dry patches and imperfections with ease. Additionally, your beautiful complexion will enjoy a surge of hydration to boot. YES!

Have you tried any of these foundations – and if not, what are you waiting for? Leave me a message below and have a fab Sunday all. xx

Is Someone Gaslighting You? Here’s How To Deal With Them

‘Gaslighting’ is the term used to describe when a person attempts to dismiss another’s concerns. This is done by trying to convince them, that they are either crazy or their perception is imaginary; thus, achieving enough self-doubt in their beliefs to stamp out the issue.

There are many reasons your partner may be trying to gaslight you – but they all come down to the same basic fact – they want to avoid detection. Check out the following gaslighting examples and how to effectively deal with them:


Gif of friends for gaslighting article
Credit: Giphy

The #1 reason for gaslighting. Have you ever been in a situation when things do not seem right, and explanations of certain behaviours or missing times do not fit? You don’t have solid evidence, but you know in your gut something is definitely up. When you approach your partner to voice your concerns, you are told you are crazy, and imagining everything. However, the niggling doubts do not leave.


We do not get these gut instincts without a reason. Granted, certain mental health disorders can cause a person to be unjustly paranoid and equally cause another person to behave in a way that may cause unfounded alarm bells to ring for another. However, if this is not the situation – then it’s time to listen to your instincts. Asking them clearly won’t achieve anything, so put your Sherlock hat on and do a little detective work to get the answers you deserve. Do not be gaslighted!


money gif for are you being gaslighted and how to deal with them article
Credit: Giphy

Money is definitely the root of all evil. People go crazy for it, behave in the worst manner ever to attain it or prevent other people having it– and a lack of it can create a host of arguments that really should never happen. If you feel you are being duped and when you enquire you receive a gaslighting response, think on. Always protect yourself. The best thing about this gaslighting is that it is very transparent. Although hurtful, once realised you can learn a lot about someone’s personality and how they should truly rate in your life. Take note and move on accordingly.


gossip gif for gaslighted article and how to deal with someone
Credit: Giphy

With the age of social media gossip has reached unprecedented levels. When it is about you (and worse still, when it is not true) it is the worst feeling in the world. Yet, even though we are aware of this, the market for general gossip is ever-growing. Go figure.

If you hear rumours are circulating about you, but have no clear evidence, try to be strong. Fake news or gossip grows like cancer in people’s brains and can destroy peoples’ lives. If you ask and you know you are being gaslighted, I would offer this advice: Do not search online for it will send you insane – and if you find something, it will eat away forever more. Instead raise your head high, live your best life and ignore anyone who tries to throw shade your way. You are amazing and these people are not worth a tear.

The problem is that with social media it isn’t hard to take someone down. Once you are discredited any protest you make is laughed off, and you are simply adding to their list of reasons for calling you crazy or a liar. Understand that the angrier you become, the more the gaslighting individual can grin and say, “See what she’s like?” The only thing to do is develop a thick skin and carry on (but with your wits about you).

Have you any gaslighting stories you can share? Share your thoughts below. Be strong people xx

The Funniest Gifs/Memes To Set 2020 In Hilarious Motion

Hey Lovelies!

There is no better way to begin the new decade than with a good laugh. Check out the funniest gifs/memes to set 2020 in hilarious motion.

1.When social anxiety gets the better of me:

Funniest Gifs/memes the simpsons
Credit: Giphy

2.Me: “I’m going to try hard and achieve great things.”

Me, 1 hour later:

funniest gifs/memes 2020 hilarious
Credit: Giphy

3. A typical day for me is like living in the film, ‘Meet The Fockers’.

gif/meme funny
Credit: Giphy

4. Note to Self: “Don’t say weird shit when making conversation with people you meet.”

gif/meme funny
Credit: Giphy

.5. Me at 3 a.m. realising the 8-hour sleep target is not going to happen.

funny gif simpsons
Credit: Giphy

6. Me, consequently, the following day:

gif/meme zombie no sleep
Credit: Giphy


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