Introducing The Best Facial Oil: Beauty Sleep Elixir

Hi everyone! When it comes to facial oils, there is one product that stands out. Since trying Beauty Sleep Elixir Facial Oil, I have not come across a better, more effective oil (and I have tried a lot). This product is way up there in the realms of perfection. Here’s why I think Beauty Sleep... Continue Reading →

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6 Tips To Help Your Hair Grow

tips to help your hair grow more quickly.

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Rid The World Of Microbeads

Many of you will now know of the insane number of microbeads that are found in our beauty products – especially body scrubs, exfoliators and toothpaste. What Are Microbeads? Credit: Microbeads are miniscule pieces of plastic, of which work tremendously well for certain beauty treatments. However, these microbeads cannot dissolve thus, destruction in our... Continue Reading →

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